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Titus Chu
November 1, 2008
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Your anointing oils have a pleasant fragrance;
Your name is like ointment poured forth;
Therefore the virgins love you.
— Song of Solomon 1:3

When you had no heart for the Lord, you did not have virgins for companions; you only had friends. You could talk to your friends about all sorts of things, like movies, sports, or even your plans for the future. When you began to love the Lord, however, you found out there are so many who love the Lord just like you. These are the virgins. They are chaste and pure. They care about no one but the Lord. Those who have not touched the Lord can only get into gossip and reasoning together. The ones who have touched the Lord are also able to touch others’ love towards the Lord.

These virgins are the reality of the church. No one can see the church apart from the experience of Song of Songs 1:3. People can talk about the church, but it will not be real without the virgins. The church is real to those who are attracted not only by the Lord but also by the brothers and sisters. The church is made up of those who fellowship not only with the Lord but also with the brothers and sisters. Such a person no longer lives an individual life, for he is pursuing the Lord with the saints. Such a person can testify, “Lord, the virgins love You.”

The Journey of Life, pages. 128-9

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