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April 29, 2010
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After being discharged, I returned to Taipei. My military-interpreter classes would not start for another three months, so I asked an elder of the church if I could take part in the training that Brother Witness Lee was giving at that time. The elder said he would have to check with Brother Lee, and later he told me Brother Lee wanted to meet me.

I was very nervous. When I arrived, Brother Lee simply said, “Oh, you are Titus Chu. Do you have time?” I said yes. Then he just stood before me for a little while, considering before the Lord. Finally he said, “Good. You can come.”

I was so thankful. The night was over, and my time of blossoming had come! For five months I had been away from the church life. During all that time I had one day off. I had earned the time off by being top in my company, and I had used it to attend a church meeting. I cannot tell you how rich that training was to me. But, believe it or not, about halfway through I became full. I had arrived at my personal “six-bushel” capacity. I had received all that I could receive. I had to pray for the Lord to enlarge me, because so much had happened to me in order to be in that training.

Adapted from Ruth: Growth Unto Maturity, pages 72-73.

Tomorrow: “An Experience (Continued)”

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