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July 15, 2010
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Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, an unashamed workman, cutting straight the word of the truth.
—2 Timothy 2:15

We must tell the Lord, “We want to learn from Brother Lee. We want to learn how he has received, entered into, enjoyed, experienced, and developed the riches of Brother Nee. We want to do the same with the riches that You have delivered unto him. Have mercy on us, Lord. We want to go forward.”

I know some may not agree with me. They think that it is enough for us to just receive from Brother Lee. In a way they are right. If you only desire to live the church life, it is enough just to receive from Brother Lee. However, if you desire to follow the Lord, serve the Lord, be one with the ministry, and have Brother Lee’s equipment of the truth, you must have a broad mind. You have to pursue, labor, and inherit all the riches that the Lord has passed down to the church through the ages.

Adapted from Being One with the Ministry, Volume Two, pages 18-19.

Tomorrow: “Entering Into the Divine Realities”

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