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December 18, 2010
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“Your eyes are like doves.”
— Song of Songs 1:15b

At this point, the characteristic of this pursuing one is that her eyes are like doves. This refers to both her spiritual insight and her purity. A person with eyes like doves is pure—he only sees the Lord. A pure person has spiritual insight, and a person with spiritual insight finds it easier to be pure.

The first thing the Lord mentions in His praise of His seeker is that her eyes are like doves. She has passed through a number of situations. She pastured young goats, so she was very busy. However, her eyes could only see the Lord. She could not see the Lord and her work at the same time. She simply followed the Lord according to her spiritual sight, rather than the outward situation.

If you truly follow the Lord, if you really walk in life, the Lord will ask you, “Do you have spiritual sight?” The first characteristic evident in a healthy Christian is that he has eyes like doves. Spiritual insight is the foundation of our following and serving the Lord. Without spiritual insight, we cannot serve the Lord in a healthy way. The better your spiritual sight is, the more you will have a healthy pursuing, and you will also be more able to lead the saints properly.

Adapted from The Journey of Life, page 160.

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