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November 26, 2011
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“Listen! My beloved!
Behold, he is coming,
Climbing on the mountains,
Leaping on the hills.
My beloved is like a gazelle or a young stag.
Behold, he is standing behind our wall,
He is looking through the windows,
He is peering through the lattice.
My beloved responded and said to me,
‘Arise, my darling, my beautiful one, and come away.’”
— Song of Songs 2:8-10

When the Lord first led us, we followed immediately, for we had a ready spirit. However, as soon as we entered into what the Lord led us into, it became a wall. This wall can include the enjoyment we lay hold of, the means and ways that work, and anything that gives us spiritual enjoyment or success so that we don’t need to rely upon the Lord.

When do we have a wall? It is not while we are weak and dry. It is when we are overcoming, and we feel that we have a way. We are so sure about how to go on, and that becomes a wall. When such a situation arises, we cannot go on further with the Lord on a more heavenly way.

Adapted from The Journey of Life, page 184.

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