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Caleb Ziamba
September 18, 2020
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Let’s say that my function is to pray. When I pray, I pray for the young people. I pray for the older ones. I pray for the church. I pray for the gospel. I pray for the recovery. I continue to pray and after just two or three years under the Lordship, prayer becomes my ministry.  my prayer becomes such a life imparting thing to the church. When I pray for the saints, the saints become strong. When I pray for the saints, the saints are spiritual. When I pray for the church, the church is prevailing. Why? Because my prayer is not religious. It’s under the Lordship. I was dealt with by the Lord, l go through things through the Lord. Day by day, the Lord has dealt with me and is dealing with me on many things: my habit, my food, my eating, my sleeping, my dressing — in everything, the Lord deals with me. My hair, my eyeglasses, my shoes, and even my thoughts, my mind, my taste, my hobbies. The Lord is dealing with me. He is dealing with me. The more I pray, the more the Lord deals with me. Finally, I’m a person who is just saturated with the Lord.

Excerpted from A Ministry and Not a Work from the 1978 Labor Day Weekend Conference

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