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January 25, 2011
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Paul, a slave of Christ Jesus, a called apostle, separated unto the gospel of God…concerning His Son.
— Romans 1:1,3a

The gospel of God concerns only His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ (Rom. 1:3). According to the flesh, He came out of the seed of David. According to the Spirit of Holiness, He was designated to be the Son of God in power out of the resurrection of the dead (Rom. 1:4).

The gospel has power. A young man may be studying for his Ph.D. in a university. He is common, just like all the others. But when he believes in Jesus Christ, he becomes different. He is different because the power of the gospel makes him holy. The operation of the gospel makes him a holy person. When I receive the Lord, it is the Spirit operating. After I receive the Lord, the Spirit abides in me. Every time the Spirit is there, I realize I am holy.

Adapted from Oneness and the One Accord, pages 41-42.

Tomorrow: “God’s Calling”

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