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March 28, 2016
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This is how you are to build it: The ark is to be three hundred cubits long, fifty cubits wide and thirty cubits high. Make a roof for it, leaving below the roof an opening one cubit high all around. Put a door in the side of the ark and make lower, middle and upper decks.
– Genesis 6:15-16

Noah served the Lord, suffered people’s misunderstanding and persecution, and for all those years, focused on the one thing God told him to do. It may have seemed overwhelming. If we were Noah at that time, would we have believed God and built the ark according to His command? Instead, we may have moved to the top of a high  mountain to escape the flood. However, Noah remained to build the ark according to God’s word. Like Noah, we should not only hear the word of God but also allow it to live in us and control us.

Adapted from A Sketch of Genesis, page 71.

Tomorrow: “God’s Controlling, Enabling Word” (2)

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