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December 9, 2011
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Saul looked at David with suspicion from that day on. Now it came about on the next day that an evil spirit from God came mightily upon Saul, and he raved in the midst of the house, while David was playing the harp with his hand, as usual; and a spear was in Saul’s hand.
— First Samuel 18:9-10

The first thing the Lord dealt with in His deeper work was David’s dependence upon persons and things. The Lord wanted David to depend upon Himself alone. Saul’s jealousy caused him to try to kill David. Twice Saul personally tried to kill him by throwing his spear at him (1 Sam. 18:11; 19:9–10) and then had his men try to kill him in his own home (1 Sam 19:11). David had to flee for his life.

Adapted from David: After God’s Heart, pages 56-57.

Tomorrow: “Seeking Refuge in Man (2)”

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