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June 25, 2011
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Being diligent to keep the oneness of the Spirit in the uniting bond of peace.
— Ephesians 4:3

Instead of endeavoring to keep the oneness, we often raise issues, and issues lead to division, not oneness. We should not be for anything other than Christ. We should not be for young people, for old people, for Caucasians, for Chinese, for the sophisticated, or for the simple. Can we not just recognize that we all are His, and that we all love Him?

Some have the habit of questioning others until they find something with which they disagree. They may even do this with the thought that they must discover what others need to be corrected about, so they might be brought into their kind of oneness. Instead of feeling we must produce a kind of conformity, we should recognize that God desires that we endeavor to keep the oneness of the Spirit that He has already produced.

The sweetness existing between the believers is damaged when we place demands upon others or raise issues over things that differ. We do not need to endeavor to produce the oneness; our endeavoring rather should be to keep it. Let us endeavor to keep the oneness!

Adapted from Oneness and the One Accord, pages 50-51.

Monday: “Oneness and the Ministry”

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