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July 2, 2010
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My soul waits for the Lord
more than watchmen wait for the morning,
more than watchmen wait for the morning.
O Israel, put your hope in the Lord
— Psalm 130:6-7a

While we wait on the Lord, we are also watching ((Psalm 130:6). We have seen that Israel represents the Lord’s testimony. Not only should we wait, hope, and watch, but we must give ourselves to the Lord’s testimony.

Before we experienced the Lord’s dealing and shining, we felt that we were honoring the Lord when we gave ourselves to Him. Now our feeling is very different. As we give ourselves to the Lord, we consider it a mercy and a privilege. We realize, “It is an honor that the Lord will even accept my service. It is the Lord’s mercy that I am allowed to remain with all of these dear saints. Everyone else is so marvelous, but I am so poor. Thank You, Lord, that I can give myself to You for Your testimony.”

We no longer think that it is an honor to the Lord that we serve Him; instead, we are honored by the fact that He accepts our service.

Adapted from The Journey of Life, pages 89-90.

Tomorrow: “Knowing, Trusting, and Enlarged”

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