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November 2, 2009
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Now Naomi had a kinsman of her husband, a man of great wealth, of the family of Elimelech, whose name was Boaz. And Ruth the Moabitess said to Naomi, “Please let me go to the field and glean among the ears of grain after one in whose sight I may find favor.” And she said to her, “Go, my daughter.”
— Ruth 2:1-2

In chapter two of the book of Ruth we have three parties: Naomi, Ruth, and Boaz. Naomi was mature and cared about Ruth’s welfare. Ruth was able and willing to receive Naomi’s direction. Boaz took care of them both out of his rich supply. If we desire to become mature, we must not only have Christ as the source of the rich supply, but also a mature one who knows how to help us and guide us in matters relating to Christ.

I am thankful that Watchman Nee had Margaret E. Barber to guide him and that Witness Lee had Watchman Nee. There should always be someone more experienced than we are who can shepherd and guide us in so many respects.

Young people love independence. They like to plan their own path. But a young person without a “Naomi” will find it difficult to grow properly.

When I was a young Christian, an older brother who cared for me invited me to join a training for brothers learning to minister. I was one of the youngest ones present. After each brother shared a gospel message that he had prepared, the others critiqued his sharing. I prepared for my turn, and after I shared, I felt quite happy. The others also felt that I had done a good job. Then this older brother said, “I do not understand. You spent a lot of time telling us a story, but you never told us how it ends. Your disposition seems to be quite loose. From now on, I strongly advise you to live a life disciplining yourself.” I cannot tell you how much that word helped me. It changed my entire operation. We all need such a “Naomi.”

Adapted from Ruth: Growth Unto Maturity, pages 47, 48.

Tomorrow: “Is There One Who Helps You?”

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