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August 18, 2010
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“Your cheeks are lovely with plaits of ornaments.”
— Song of Songs 1:10a

What does the phrase, “Your cheeks are lovely with plaits of ornaments,” refer to? It is common for a person who is just beginning to love the Lord to act as if he were more spiritual than he really is for the sake of others’ eyes. This is to try to enhance one’s loveliness with plaits of ornaments. Actually, the experienced saints will quickly perceive when a person is just “making plaits” and realize that the behavior is not from the Spirit. Actually, we are all good at “making plaits.” We know that if we proclaim something in a certain way we will look strong, or if we do something in a certain way we will look spiritual.

The saints at this early stage spend much time “plaiting their hair” instead of pursuing the Lord. They try to exercise their will and emotion to be what they perceive as being spiritual. As for how God will transform them and how they will look when they are matured, we cannot yet see because their beauty is only self-made.

Adapted from The Journey of Life, pages 148-149.

Tomorrow: “Lovely with Strings of Jewels”

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