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September 15, 2010
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Today, if the local church or group of believers we fellowship with is to be healthy, it needs to have people who function in these three capacities—as priests, kings, and prophets.

First, we need some who are living before the Lord as today’s priests. By living and praying in Christ’s presence, they are able to bring others into His presence also. This is what is represented by the priesthood. Genuine priests are those who are able to bring man to God and God to man. A local church that is lacking people who are exercised in this way will be weak.

Second, there is a need for healthy leadership. There must be some who are able to execute what God desires so that the believers can go forward. This is what is represented by the kingship. The genuine kingship carries forward what God desires. Without proper leadership, a local church will be messy—there will be no clear direction about what should be done, and this may lead to disagreement among the members.

Third, the Lord’s speaking must be present through those who are able to function as prophets, for apart from the Lord’s divine speaking, His people cannot know Him as the living God among them. A church that lacks some who function as prophets will experience deadness in their gatherings.

Adapted from David: After God’s Heart, pages 11-12.

Tomorrow: “Are There Servants Among Us?”

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