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December 11, 2019
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“My beloved is to me a pouch of myrrh
Which lies all night between my breasts.”
– Song of Songs 1:13

Brother Watchman Nee explained the breasts as representing faith and love (see 1 Thes. 5:8). Actually, we can also say the breasts represent the manifestation of the maturity of life. In the process of our growth in life we progress with faith and love through our experience of the Lord’s death. In fact, the preciousness of the growth in life is with this death. If we experience the myrrh, we will grow in life and become more mature in life, and we will be able to stand more solidly before God. Therefore, in this verse the seeker testifies, “Lord, I need Your death.” Watchman Nee expressed this thought in the lines of a hymn:

I for greater power pray not; Deeper death is what I need.

As we follow the Lord we need to value what He values and love what He loves. Only when we are committed to Him in a serious way will we be able to follow Him through the various, often difficult environments He measures to us.

Adapted from The Song of Songs: A Divine Romance, by Titus Chu, page 62.

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