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December 6, 2010
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“While the king was at his table, my spikenard gave forth its fragrance.”
— Song of Songs 1:12

This loving seeker makes mention of the king twice in this first stage of her experience. The first time she mentioned him was in verse 4, where the king brought her into his chambers. She took the Lord as her king because He brought her into inner rest and satisfaction. In such an atmosphere she enjoyed His love. The second time she mentions the king is here in verse 12, where she tells us the king is at his table. The seeking one has now experienced some work of the cross. The Lord has made her plaits of gold with studs of silver. She knows that God desires to work in her so that she can appreciate Christ’s riches in others. Now she is under His authority and no longer in the stage of being self-centered in her seeking.

The seeker has had some growth between these two mentions of the king. This time she doesn’t say that she is at the table with the king. She doesn’t say, “I was at the king’s table,” or, “The king brought me to his table,” but rather, “The king was at his table.”  Praise the Lord for this precious transition! She has experienced a transfer from being focused on herself in her seeking to being focused on the Lord Himself.

Adapted from The Journey of Life, pages 153-154.

Tomorrow: “The Way to Experience a Transfer”

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