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March 25, 2017
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We still have many natural concepts regarding how to obtain a bright and prosperous future. We consider the value of graduating from a specific school, having a certain occupation, or living in a particular neighborhood. However, we only need to ask one question: “Is God my way in what I am doing?”
Whether we are attending Harvard or a community college, whether we are working as a doctor or janitor, if we are gaining God in doing so, we are blessed. Our concept that one school or occupation is more valuable than the other is fallen. We don’t have any future other than God. He is our unique way.

We should focus on gaining God. In our planning and considering for our future, we should not forget God. He leads and guides those who are pure in heart. He becomes their unique way.

God becomes our way by 1) His appearing, 2) His provision, 3) His discipline, 4) His promise, and 5) His authority.

Adapted from A Sketch of Genesis,
by Titus Chu; page 88.

Monday: “God’s Appearing and the Faith of Abraham” (1)

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