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August 31, 2013
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“I have taken off my dress,
How can I put it on again?
I have washed my feet,
How can I dirty them again?”

“My beloved extended his hand through the opening,
And my feelings were aroused for him.”
— Song of Songs 5:3-4

Praise the Lord, for we still love Him, even though we have fallen into works. Everything we had collapses when the Lord touches us in this way. When we see His hand, our inner parts yearn for Him. We have a new revival when we thus touch His love again. We realize, “Lord, I have been wrong all these years. The real journey starts from this point.”

We need to pass through the previous four chapters in the Song of Songs to arrive at this juncture, but no matter how glorious are those experiences of the first four chapters, no matter how precious it is to be a garden enclosed, a spring shut up, a fountain sealed, a fountain in gardens, a well of living water, streams from Lebanon, and so on, the impurities of self are still present. Even in the most glorious moment, there is still the enjoyment for the self. May we all come to this point and be able to say, “Lord, in Your light I now abhor everything else. I want to rise up. My inner parts yearn for You as I see Your hand.”

Adapted from The Journey of Life, pages 251-252.

Monday: ““I Rose Up to Open to My Beloved” (1)

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