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May 28, 2013
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I knew a certain brother with many good qualities, but he became neither manifested nor effective. He was conceited, and his conceit ruined all of his strong points. He eventually received a graduate degree in the United States and went back to Taiwan to work for the government. He said that there was no one in Taiwan who could do what he did. His conceit and pride made him blind.

In God’s creation, there is a law that everything is after its kind. Since you are merely one of your kind, you are not that special. No one can say, “Only I can do it.” This well-educated and well-respected brother was desirous, and the brothers regarded him highly. However, because of his egotistical personality, he had no companions in the church. He could not walk on the way of life, and eventually he caused problems.

Adapted from Being One with the Ministry to Speak the Healthy Words, page 26.

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