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August 26, 2010
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“We will make you plaits of gold
with studs of silver.”
— Song of Songs 1:11

It is not wrong to be gifted, and we can’t say that our gift is not needed. When He sees her plaits of ornaments, the Lord doesn’t ask the Shulammite to cut off all of her hair. What God desires is to develop our gift into something genuine, something of ministry, by working Himself into our ability. What God regards is whether or not our gift has been constituted to become a crown.

The Triune God wants to work in us. Since we like ornaments and we like to be well known, God will make us plaits of gold. We made up our own hair before, but now God comes to “weave” His disposition into us. Our spirituality and beauty were merely human, but now God comes to constitute His own beauty into us, enabling us to express His divinity. Then we will not merely be a lover of the Lord, but also someone who loves the Lord in union with Him.

Adapted from The Journey of Life, pages 150-151.

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