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March 4, 2010
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Brother Lee once testified, “I am for the Lord. I dare not expose myself to any temptation.” One day he went somewhere with Brother Austin-Sparks. Brother Austin-Sparks wanted to go through an old suspension bridge, but Brother Lee wouldn’t go with him, saying, “I do not want to put myself in any kind of danger, for I desire to be preserved for the Lord.” We can see from this example that Brother Lee looked to the Lord’s mercy continually and constantly maintained his equipping.

We all are human. Many of us have families and children. We all have our worries. However, we should not allow anything to keep us from following after Christ. We should equip and cultivate ourselves while we are young by equipping our emotion, mind, and will to the extent that they become a wall separating us unto Christ, God’s economy, and God’s purpose to the exclusion of all else.

Adapted from  Being One with the Ministry, Volume One, page 103.

Tomorrow: “The Sisters’ Emotion”

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