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July 15, 2016
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A certain person may have the trait of magnanimity, being broad-hearted. This is a useful characteristic. But such “greatness” cannot be used for the Lord until the divine personality has been formed within you. Genuineness is a matter of a good nature as well as a good character. It is beneficial to possess a genuine nature. Learn to be genuine. A person who is not genuine is duplicitous. Why are the churches and the recovery getting complicated? It is because brothers are not genuine and are playing politics. They might say one thing to this brother and another thing to that one. Such persons might well survive, but the Lord will not be able to use them. If you desire to be useful to the Lord, you must have a personality that is useful.

Adapted from Being One with the Ministry, Volume Two, pages 36-37.

Tomorrow: “Personality and the Divine Nature” (3)

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