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December 7, 2010
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“While the king was at his table, my spikenard gave forth its fragrance.”
— Song of Songs 1:12

Brothers and sisters, how do you come to the point where you can say, “The king is at his table?” How do you know you have experienced the transfer from self-rule to the rule of the King? According to verses 7-11, there are four principles you must apply. First, you need to go forth “on the footsteps of the flock.” Second, you must “pasture your young goats by the shepherds’ tents.” Third, you need to let God make you “plaits of gold.” And fourth, you need to let God make you “plaits…with studs of silver.” These four principles determine whether you are one who can experience what is represented by the phrase, “The king is at his table.”

At this stage, when the brothers render you some help, you will feel that it is the Lord who gains the satisfaction rather than you. It is not you who gain the enjoyment, but the Lord. You will yield more to the Lord, and He will be able to work in you more freely. Brothers and sisters, this is special. When you go forth on the footsteps of the flock, you become different. When you live by the shepherds’ tents, you are changed. When the cross works in you and the redemption of Christ is accomplished in you, a transition takes place. The king begins to rule in your heart, and you become the king’s enjoyment.

Adapted from The Journey of Life, page 154.

Tomorrow: “My Spikenard Gave Forth its Fragrance”

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