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December 21, 2010
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“Your eyes are like doves.”
— Song of Songs 1:15b

A person with spiritual insight knows how to serve properly, for he makes his decisions with the Lord alone in view. Without spiritual insight, we can only make decisions according to the outward situation and some principles. Some people like exciting meetings. When you possess spiritual insight, however, you realize that many so-called good meetings aren’t really so good from God’s perspective. We need to ask ourselves what we are doing. It doesn’t matter how exciting a meeting is. What is important is how much a meeting supplies the church.

We will be in another realm if we have spiritual insight. We will touch the source of life and not just the outward situation. If we only see the Lord, we will not hold on to any spiritual thing and we will not try to be spiritual. We will, however, be living spiritually.

When we are pure for the Lord, we will have spiritual discernment. If we are pure and have spiritual discernment, the Lord will proclaim us as beautiful. Although our beauty and purity are not complete, and although we have weakness and need to be broken, we can still have eyes like doves. Having eyes like doves is the way for us to follow the Lord.

Adapted from The Journey of Life, page 161.

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