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January 11, 2010
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To be one, and to have oneness, is a very profound matter. Oneness is so high, beyond our human understanding or concept. We may have our concept of oneness and one accord and may even joyfully abide in oneness and stand in one accord, until some element creeps in to destroy it. We may not have realized how fine, high, and precise it is to have one accord and oneness. It is so because it is of God Himself.

One accord is difficult to realize, difficult to substantiate, and even more difficult to live out. Those who have been in the church life for a few years realize that it is difficult to be in one accord in the workplace, in the family life, and even in the church life. Why? This is because one accord is according to oneness. If we have the genuine oneness, then there is the one accord automatically. As we shall see, oneness issues out from the one unique God, the God of oneness.

Adapted from Oneness and the One Accord, pages 7-8.

Tomorrow: “The God of Oneness”

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