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November 4, 2011
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You shall march around the city, all you men of war; you shall go all around the city once. This you shall do six days. And seven priests shall bear seven trumpets of rams’ horns before the ark. But the seventh day you shall march around the city seven times, and the priests shall blow the trumpets.
— Joshua 6:3-4

God’s way to overcome Jericho was very simple (Josh. 6:2–5). He instructed Joshua to march around the city with all the men of war once a day for six days. Seven priests were to walk before the ark of the covenant bearing trumpets of rams’ horns. On the seventh day, they were to march around the city seven times, after which they were to blow the trumpets and give a great shout. Then, when the walls of the city fell down flat, the people were to go into the city to take it. Surely this was the strangest military tactic ever used for any battle in the history of the world!

In order for us to fight the battle against the principalities and powers of the air today, we must understand God’s strategy. First, we have to fight in the body, not alone, just as Israel went out to battle together. Second, we battle under the covering of the blood, declaring victory in the blood of Jesus. This is represented by the seven trumpets of ram’s horns borne by seven priests (cf. Lev. 25:9).

Adapted from Joshua: A Life of Service, page 50.

Tomorrow: “God’s Strategy against Jericho (2)”

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