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December 22, 2010
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“Indeed, our couch is green.”
— Song of Songs 1:16b

“Green” in this verse could also be translated “of grass.” Our couch being green emphasizes the growth in life.

In verse 13 the Shulammite had an experience of consecration, saying, “My beloved is to me a bundle of myrrh that lies at night between my breasts.” It seems that she had paid a price. When the Lord praised His seeker’s beauty, she realized that she was good and sweet before the Lord, and she knew that He was full of supply. There was so much supply, sweetness, and abundance of enjoyment in life that she now says, “Our couch is green.” She is restful and full of life.

Such a person rests on the Lord’s faithfulness and experiences the comfort of His rod and staff, resting in His rich supply. Psalm 23:2 says, “He makes me lie down in green pastures.” This indicates that life provides the foundation for our lying down. Why do we have rest? Because we have experienced the life of the Lord. Why can we rest? Because the Lord supplies us with His life. We have a life relationship with the Lord, so we can testify, “Our couch is green.”

Adapted from The Journey of Life, pages 161-162.

Tomorrow: “Being Full of Life”

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