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December 14, 2009
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Having life is different from having the ministry of life. Having life does not guarantee that you indeed have a ministry of life. When we believe, we receive the divine life. When our spirit is released, life is released. When some share, they become very inspirational, making people nervous. Sometimes such a brother speaks very well, but when you ask him to repeat what he has shared, he is unable to do it, for that is not his portion. In other words, that is not his ministry.

If you have the Spirit, you have life; if you have life, you can supply life. A true prophet’s ministry, however, is not something merely of inspiration, but of constitution. He is not someone who speaks well one day because he is inspired and then speaks poorly another day because he has lost his inspiration. A true prophet is a man of anointing and a man constituted with life. Only such a person can have the ministry of life, and only a person with the ministry of life can supply life in a reliable manner. Without the ministry of life, a person might supply life, but not consistently.

Adapted from Being One with the Ministry, Volume One, pages 74-75.

Tomorrow: “Not Fulfilling Our Ministry”

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