A Sweet Savor

A Sweet Savor Bible School

Edifying saints and churches in the living truth

Learn the Bible

 The Bible holds so many riches, some recorded by believers past, and many more waiting to be mined by seekers today. It is the base of all we do.

Connect the World

Online course offerings make it possible to join Christians from all around the world in learning the truth contained in the Bible

Follow Meaningful Pathways

We have mapped out the whole year with classes, grouped into specific Pathways which will guide you into a deeper relationship with Christ.

Experience Community

Small class sizes and discussion groups enable teachers and students to talk together, to learn together, and to grow together.

Join a Pathway, Elevate Your Christian Life

A Sweet Savor Bible School is happy to introduce “Pathways” for the 2021-2022 school year. By providing these Pathways, we hope to give you, the students, a better idea of which classes to take based on what you are looking for and your current relationship with the Lord.

The Core Pathway is a series of three classes that we feel will edify a Christian with many needed riches. This pathway is valuable for a brand-new believer who has never read the Bible as well as an experienced Christian. Two other pathways emphasize crucial sections of the New Testament and Old Testament. Certificates will be awarded at the end of the school year to students who complete pathways.