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December 24, 2010
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“The beams of our house are cedars.”
— Song of Songs 1:17a

“Cedar” refers to the perfect humanity of the Lord Jesus. In Solomon’s temple, there were two chief kinds of wood—cedar and cypress. The expression of the church is through these two kinds of wood. At this time the Lord’s seeker realizes, “I live not only for the Lord, but also for the saints. I not only want to walk with the Lord in the wilderness, I also want to be built up in the church.” How can we build up the church? The most important element is not ourselves, although the building cannot take place without us. The church is built up by means of myrrh (the Lord’s death) and cedar (the glorious humanity of Jesus expressed in us).

Angels do not build the church. The church is built up with the perfect humanity of Jesus Christ. Speaking in tongues can’t build up the church. Only those with some constitution of the Lord’s humanity can build up the church. Hallelujah that the cedars are the beams of our house! When we are built up together, there is an expression of the Lord’s glorious humanity.

Adapted from The Journey of Life, page 162.

Tomorrow: “Our Rafters are Cypresses”

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