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April 22, 2010
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“Stay this night, and when morning comes, if he will redeem you, good; let him redeem you. But if he does not wish to redeem you, then I will redeem you, as the Lord lives. Lie down until morning.”
—Ruth 3:13

Ruth lay at his feet until morning. This will be our experience until the Lord returns. We may feel the night is too long. We may complain that we cannot take it any more. When this happens, and we are about to leap up, the Lord will suddenly give us some wonderful daylight. After this experience, the Lord will ask us, “Are you ready to continue?” When we answer, “Yes,” the Lord will keep us in the night for a longer time until, once more, we cannot tolerate it. Again, the Lord will encourage us.

At first, we can only take a limited period of night experience. Later, the Lord may keep us in the night for a few months. Eventually, He will be able to work with us in this way for a few years. In such a state, we will cry out, “Lord Jesus, Morning Star, come!” (Rev. 22:16–17). The Christian life is a romantic life. We have captured the Lord’s heart, but a long way still lies ahead of us. It will not always be a bright, encouraging, smooth, and high road. Yet during this time of night, we experience His protection, for we are covered by His wing.

Adapted from Ruth: Growth Unto Maturity, pages 70-71.

Tomorrow: “A Shepherd’s Reward”

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