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Titus Chu
August 3, 2020
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Note: The first 35 seconds of the recording is a musical introduction. This song starts with the chorus at the 35 second mark.

Oh, come and draw me dear Lord
That in You I would grow up fully
There’s nothing I can depend on
Besides growing wonderfully

  1. Growing in Your life
    That through me You’re expressed
    I would match You in all
    All that you are, heavenly One
    Your death! Crucifixion!
    Resurrection! Grow full in me
    Your divine Self, be formed in me
    This is my heart’s yearning

  2. Growing in Your love
    You Yourself who are love
    Fully enjoying You
    You are love, You are love
    Divine, heavenly love
    Flowing from You, watering me
    You who are love, grow full in me
    This is my heart’s yearning

  3. Growing in Your riches
    O, You are heavenly
    You dispense from above
    Heaven’s supply, supplying me
    Divine treasure You are
    Enjoying You, all of my life
    Manifesting, heaven’s riches
    This is my heart’s yearning

  4. In my heart is this plea
    All my spirit desires
    From the depths of my being
    That in me, You would be King
    Be King, King in my heart
    Joined with my Lord, mingled with You
    Growing until I’m one with You
    This is my heart’s yearning
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