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October 24, 2009
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I ministered once in such a place, where the saints were cold and indifferent, and on the second day I felt I had nothing more to say, so I simply asked if anyone had any questions. One sister was moved to tears and said, “No one else has cared enough to ask us that. All the other brothers who have come just come to give messages. That is all they seem to care about. Only you have shown you cared about us.” At that time I realized that even just a question and answer meeting can really open up the saints and grant them help, for they then feel you care more about them than your message.

Most co-workers like to give messages, and many feel excited when they are invited somewhere to give a conference. They prepare a few messages and put on a good show, yet don’t seem too concerned as to whether it is really helpful to the saints or not. This kind of speaker is not in harmony with his listeners. When you minister, you have to pay attention to the reaction and feeling of those who listen to you. As much as possible, there should be harmony between the prophet and those who hear him.

Adapted from Being One with the Ministry, volume one, pages 28-29.

Monday: “The Ministry and the Ministers”

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