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October 23, 2009
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The local churches are like hot stoves; no matter who speaks, someone will get burned! The saints always seem to be ready to “cook” the speaker. Wherever you go, many different kinds of people are in the congregation. When you stand up to minister, you will encounter many different feelings and reactions. An experienced brother will begin his speaking with something simple and then gradually bring the saints into his burden. If you simply put on airs and say, “Today my burden is,” the saints may not receive you.

In another situation, the saints may not be critical, but they may be rather dead and indifferent. In many places the saints have heard message after message, and have become religious. Since they no longer know spirit and life, it is very difficult to speak to them. It is hard to enter into harmony with such an audience, for you and they are in separate worlds. In such a case it is very difficult to minister anything meaningful.

Adapted from Being One with the Ministry, volume one, page 28.

Tomorrow: “Harmony between the Prophet and the Listeners (2)”

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