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August 19, 2009
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Thirdly, in the church life the sisters should learn to be practical. The more practical a sister is, the better. It is hard for sisters to be practical, yet the Lord has given all the practical duties to the sisters. The Lord has put the sisters in the place to do the most practical things, but for some reason, the sisters still are not practical. All practical people have one virtue: they are “doers.”

All the practical things in the church life should be carried by sisters. You should learn to carry the church life in a very practical way. The more practical, the better. This is more precious than giving a testimony in the meetings or getting someone saved. If you know how to carry the church life in a practical way with your husband, you will be much more of a blessing than if you get someone saved or function in the meetings. This is because you are touching something that is very basic in relation to the church life.

Adapted from Sisters’ Messages, page 34.

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