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August 18, 2009
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Secondly, sisters should not push their husbands to be “spiritual.” Many sisters may not care to be spiritual themselves, but they want to see their husband achieve something in the spiritual realm. They push their husband to be somebody, to be manifested. This is wrong. If your husband is spiritual, it will not come from your pushing. He will be what he is in the hands of the Lord. You should just help him to be in spirit and to enjoy the Lord. You should feed his spirit, but you should not push him to be spiritual. This will only cause frustration and possibly even damage your husband. Let him grow. Feed his spirit. Then, wherever he is, he will end up being what he should be.

Even if your husband achieves something because of your pushing, in the long run he will just become more and more pressured. He will find out that he is not in the place he should be. Then he will be bothered and you will be bothered. Your husband should be nourished and fed, and then he will be manifested according to who he is. Whatever the Lord has given to him will come out naturally. If you push him, he will be frustrated and will feel that he is not able. Sisters, you should not be spiritual, and you should not push your husband to have a certain kind of spirituality either. You should learn that in the church life, we all grow, and our growth is very natural. We will be what we are according to the measure of the Lord.

Adapted from Sisters’ Messages, pages 33-34.

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