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August 20, 2009
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There are many young brothers and sisters in the church life. If a family were to pick up a burden for each one, these young ones could be perfected and become useful in the church life. Each one needs a home where they can relax. In a relaxed atmosphere they will be able to touch their spirit.

Many times you cannot care for new ones properly because you are not practical. You can talk about spiritual things, but the new ones may not need spiritual talk. They need practicality. They need a mother, an older sister, someone they can open their heart to. They need someone they can trust, someone they know will never betray them. They need the practical ones who will sit with them, be open with them, and allow them to open up. Then they can really touch their spirit.

Adapted from Sisters’ Messages, page 34.

Tomorrow: “A Very Practical Care”

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