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July 28, 2009
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The problem is that we like to hold on to our family life. We give some time to our family life and some time to the church life, but this will never work. I do know that if you and your husband both love the church, you will easily know how to handle your family life. Your family life will be so healthy. If, by the Lord’s mercy, you have this basic consecration to the Lord, that your family life is for the church, then you will know how to help your husband, how to raise your children, and how to behave yourself in the family life and in the church life. If you are for the church life, you will have a healthy, happy family life.

When you try to hold on to your family life, keeping it separate from the church life, you will be frustrated. The church life is like a big bulldozer. When it moves, everything in its path goes with it. You cannot hold anything back from the church life. If you try to hold on to your family life, you will begin to fight with the church life. Then you and your family will be frustrated and unhappy, and the church life will be hurt. In the end you will gain nothing by fighting. You will not gain the proper growth. Instead, you will just be bothered.

Adapted from Sisters’ Messages, page 29.

Tomorrow: “Keeping Something Back”

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