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July 27, 2009
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In the family life, you must have a vision that the family life is part of the church life. Most sisters consider that they have their own family life, and that within that family life they practice the church life. Families experience much unhappiness because they divide the family life from the church life. They have an idea of how they want their family life, and they try to fit the church life into their family life.

Many times there is a conflict because the church life does not fit into your family life. This forces you to make a choice. Either you insist on your family life, which both you and your husband will find hard, or you just give up your family life to be in the church life; then you are bothered because you feel that you do not have a family life. This happens because you do not have a vision that the family life and the church life are actually one and the same.

A healthy family life is for the church life, and a healthy church life strengthens the family life. The healthier the church life is, the happier the family life should be. If you and your husband love the Lord and are fully in the church life, your family should be healthy. If either you or your husband withdraws from the church life, then both your church life and your family life will be hard. You must have the vision that you cannot separate the two from each other. Whatever is best for the church life should be carried out in the family life. When you properly participate in the church life, then naturally you will have a wonderful family life.

Adapted from Sisters’ Messages, pages 28-29.

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