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Titus Chu
September 3, 2020
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  1. Can blood so precious, so strong sustain
    This foremost sinner of all?
    While Satan blames and accuses oft
    My impotence and fall.
    I tremble, fearing the pow’r of sin,
    Beseiged by fear I am lost,
    Though sense of sin often swallows me,
    Redemption paid the cost.
    O, precious blood, eternal blood!
    Noble display, wonderfully!
    O, precious blood, to God is giv’n,
    His satisfaction see.

  2. Is life eternal, divine, in me?
    Can it not vanish one day?
    Through my abuse and neglect I fear
    It might soon waste away.
    At times it seems it might disappear,
    Not bearing sinful display;
    I often felt that it would depart,
    Yet still it does increase.
    Wonderful life, O soothing life!
    Fresh and divine, so heavenly!
    Wonderful life now lives in me,
    His satisfaction see.

  3. Can this magnificent, free release
    From all oppression set free?
    Although the power of sin exhausts,
    His life still lives in me.
    Aware that I am incurable,
    In resurrection He lives;
    Despite my feeling of hopelessness,
    His life to me He gives.
    Precious release, O great release!
    Creation new, now I am free;
    Precious release I now possess,
    His satisfaction see.

  4. Am I now able to live for God
    In resurrection with Him?
    Unworthy feelings I often have,
    Yet still He lives within.
    Although death somehow might enter in,
    This life is vital, prepared;
    His life and my life become as one,
    One life and living shared.
    Oh resurrection, heav’nly, real!
    O what a gain, life will sustain!
    Oh, resurrection, hea’nly, real,
    God satisfied will reign.

Words: Titus Chu, 1983, translated from Chinese, adapted
Music: unknown

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