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Titus Chu
September 14, 2020
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  1. Sing aloud your praises to the Lord of all,
    Now we are dwelling in Jerusalem.
    Tell among us all His doings great and small,
    Christ, the reigning One, has become our King.
    How real and rich the church life is to us,
    How we are freed from the world and our sins.
    Now we rejoice and are exceeding glad;
    Now we rejoice and are exceeding glad!

  2. Praise Him! One with God, He sat in heav’n above,
    But became a man and was nailed to the cross.
    Praise Him! Resurrected! Now enthroned on high!
    Now we are tasting resurrection life!
    Praise Him, such riches are pleased to dwell in Him;
    We are His body–His riches manifest!
    Oh, Hallelujah, riches manifest;
    Oh, Hallelujah, riches manifest!

  3. Praise Him, He’s the Spirit dwelling within me,
    Religious duty, I no longer heed.
    Every moment, day or night, enjoying Him,
    All of His riches, now we can partake!
    In local churches, gladly we rejoice;
    In our strong spirit gladly giving praise!
    He is the Spirit, reigning in the Church;
    He is the Spirit, reigning in the Church!

  4. When the Church is filled with His most glorious self,
    How bright and clear her testimony shines.
    With His riches in us, gladly we proclaim,
    Let the world know Christ is the King of kings.
    Casting away our small and narrow world,
    Let the Spirit lead us freely o’er the earth!
    Overflow Himself in glory and joy;
    Overflow Himself in glory and joy!
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