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Mark Miller
May 5, 2021
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The book Two Manners of Life begins with “choice.” In the very beginning, God placed two trees in the midst of the garden, and man was free to choose between them. From each tree flows a line, and we have a choice for what line we want to be part of today. The line of Cain, flowing from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, would be outwardly desirable to any young person. Cain’s line begins with excitement, high expectations, develops quickly, and appears fruitful in the world’s eyes.

Yet Cain and his line did not produce what was pleasing to God. They developed away from God’s presence, and their years held no value in God’s estimation. Abel, on the other hand, lived a life of vision based on what he knew satisfied God. Although his line through Seth, flowing from the tree of life, gains little to impress the world, and though the path is longer and harder, it ultimately produces men who can satisfy God, and whose years matter in God’s sight.

Every person has a choice between these two lines. Only once they have decided to pursue the line of life does the second half of the book hold any value. In it, Titus looks at the names and experiences of Adam’s descendents through Seth to describe our stages of growth–weakness (revealed by Spirit), possession of a rich Christ, praising God (the Father) in a deeper way, descending to be with people, truly learning, bearing responsibility before God, and walking with Him in a way that is both so normal and so special and mysterious.

May we choose the line of life and revelation, not desiring what impresses the world, but rather the Christ that satisfies God. And may we go on from just knowing the truth to truly experiencing it, seeing Christ and the church as we progress through the stages of the line of life. Eventually, we could be a person who walks with God, even one who labors to fulfill the will of God.

This book is especially relevant for anyone at a place where they are deciding the course or direction of their life.

Some general comments

Chapters 1-3: Introducing and comparing the two lines–their appearance, qualities, and outcome.
THE KEY: Our choice. 

Chapters 4-8: Progression through the names in the line of life.
THE KEY: We must not only know truth, but experience truth. This alone has value.

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