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Mark Miller
August 24, 2020
This entry is part 1 of 5 in the series Ruth: Growth Unto Maturity
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Who is this book for?

In one sense, the story of Ruth begins and ends with Naomi, who represents an older believer. However, the story of Ruth is centered on–no surprise here–Ruth, who begins as a foreigner to Israel and ends married to Boaz. We are all Ruths–being brought into a deeper relationship with Christ. We should also appreciate our Naomis, and we should desire to be a Naomi to younger believers around us.

In considering ourselves as a “Ruth,” Titus looks at the book of Ruth in two main sections. Ruth 1-2 reveals many things about our Christian experience, especially in the church life. It is in the church life we experience working in the field of resurrection alongside companions who all have their portion. This is also the place we begin to first know Christ (Boaz), who supplies us and blesses us. However, the second stage (Ruth 3) reveals a believer entering a deeper experience with Christ. Contrary to our expectation, such an experience is alone, in the night, on a threshing floor, in response to Christ Himself. It involves our cleansing, consecration, and desire for Christ over all “younger men.” A startled Christ takes matters into His own hands, and He deals with our natural man to be fully united with us.

May we have such experiences of the threshing floor, “surprising” Christ with our love and consecration. And may we become like Naomi, genuinely caring for the deeper union of a younger believer with Christ, rather than gain for ourselves.

Looking Ahead

This week, we divided our book into four sections for chapter-based summaries.

  • Chapters 1-3: Naomi’s growth and experience in the church life
  • Chapters 4-5: Ruth’s experience in the church life
  • Chapters 6-7: Going deeper with Christ
  • Chapter 8: Union with Christ and its results
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