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December 21, 2012
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But when they came to the threshing floor of Nacon, Uzzah reached out toward the ark of God and took hold of it, for the oxen nearly upset it. And the anger of the Lord burned against Uzzah, and God struck him down there for his irreverence; and he died there by the ark of God.
— Second Samuel 6:6-7

As the ark neared Jerusalem, the ox that pulled the cart stumbled. Uzzah took hold of the ark to steady it. For this, God struck down Uzzah, and he died (2 Sam. 6:6–7). This caused David to fear what might happen if he brought the ark into Jerusalem. He stopped the procession and had the ark put in the home of Obed-Edom.

Adapted from David: After God’s Heart, page 94.

Tomorrow: “Bringing the Ark Up to Jerusalem” (4)

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