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August 31, 2012
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“There is Solomon’s bed.
Sixty mighty men surround it,
Of the mighty men of Israel.
All of them are wielders of the sword,
Expert in war;
Each man has his sword at his side,
Guarding against the terrors of the night.”
— Song of Songs 3:7-8

Solomon could not sleep restfully without those mighty men surrounding his bed, because something could happen in the night. It is not enough to make the Lord restful, for we still need to be concerned about the church. Therefore, the Lord needs not only a bed, but also 60 mighty men who keep themselves awake at night and are watchful until the Lord returns.

They know how to wield the sword and are experts at war. When Satan attacks, they know how to respond. When something happens in the church life, they know what they should do. They know how to lead the church and how to help the brothers and sisters.

Adapted from The Journey of Life, pages 214-215.

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