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May 9, 2012
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“On my bed night after night I sought him
Whom my soul loves;
I sought him but did not find him.
I must arise now and go about the city.”
— Song of Songs 3:1-2

Perhaps she goes to a brother and says, “Oh, brother, my Lord disappeared, what should I do?” Because this brother is good at pray-reading, he suggests that the solution is to pray-read, to eat the word. However, no matter how hard she tries to pray-read, the Lord’s smile remains hidden from her.

Then, another suggests, “You should call upon the name of the Lord.” Yet though she calls long and hard, there is still no answer. Then, a sister who enjoys weeping before the Lord says, “You just need to weep before the Lord.” Yet in spite of so many tears, she still cannot recover the Lord’s presence. This is the meaning of, “I sought him, but found him not.” Although she tries in every way, she just cannot find the Lord.

Adapted from The Journey of Life, page 200.

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