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August 26, 2009
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In Him was life, and the life was the light of men.
—œ John 1:4

As born-again believers, we are often overly sensitive. If anything is wrong with our spiritual condition, we know it immediately. We feel it intensely. When something is improper in our lives, such as a sin, or a love for the world, we are deeply troubled by it.

The secret of the Christian life is never to abide in our problems and never to condemn ourselves. When we are aware of something negative, we should immediately turn to enjoy Christ as our life. If the world is overpowering us, we should turn to enjoy Christ as life. If we are aware of something sinful or unhealthy, then we should turn to enjoy Christ as life. The more Satan tries to upset our environment, the more we should enjoy Christ as life. Christ as our life is the answer. He is the supply to meet our needs. We should be able to say, “The life of Christ is nourishing me, strengthening me, supporting me, and enlightening me. In His life I have all I need.”

A religious person, or an ethical person, never feels the need to enjoy the life of Christ. He is satisfied with trying to improve himself and trying to behave properly. But we who are born again have received the necessity of a new living, a living in which we enjoy and even depend on the life of Christ. We should say, “I don’t want a sinful life, and I also don’t want an ethical life. I don’t want a worldly life, and I also don’t want a religious life. I only care for the very life of Christ!”

Adapted from Born Again, page 61.

Tomorrow: “Enjoying Christ as Our Bread and Water of Life”

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