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July 30, 2009
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There are certain homes the young people like to visit. I believe the main reason they prefer these homes is that the families there do not pressure the young people. The young people are not afraid of making themselves comfortable. They just feel peaceful in that home and are able to be open there. The families are so relaxed, so all the young people like to go there.

Today in the church life, we do not have enough families that serve as functioning units to swallow up the death in people’s daily lives. Rather, whenever there is death, the death only gets magnified. If a young brother has a problem, there may be no place he can go that will not pressure him. He has no one to talk to about his problem, no shoulder to weep on. Maybe this is because we are all too “right.” On the one hand, some do have the gift of making people feel comfortable. But on the other hand, all of us should learn to open up our homes a little. If the young people feel free to drop by your house any night and eat with you without pressure, then your house functions very well. Inviting the young people over will bring in this kind of atmosphere.

Adapted from Sisters’ Messages, page 30.

Tomorrow: “A Place Without Pressure”

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