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Titus Chu
December 11, 2009
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This conference was focused on considering how the exercise of the sisters could bless and uplift the church life. Rather than giving messages, Brother Titus mainly provided some very practical fellowship to help all the saints (not only the sisters) in this regard.

He began by reviewing the current situation of the churches in the Great Lakes area. He then reminded us that the two brothers who raised up the local churches in the 20th century, Watchman Nee and Witness Lee, were themselves helped very much by sisters. In both cases, they were saved through the gospel preaching of sisters. Moreover, Brother Nee was raised up to serve the Lord by sister M.E. Barber, the British missionary to China, while other sisters played a vital role in helping him in his work.

Yet today, based on a few verses in the New Testament, we very much limit the function of the sisters among us. This is a great loss to the churches, so we need to consider how the sisters can be the blessing to our church life that they should be.

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