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December 13, 2020
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According to estimations from several sources, about 400,000 hymns were composed throughout church history.  Digging through all of them is no longer needed, because many that have gone before us have pored over all these hymns, and akin to experienced gold miners, have laboriously and meticulously sifted out the best hymns.  It is through the work of one of these gold miners, Brother Watchman Nee, that this book explores the riches of His inheritance in the saints deposited in hymns throughout church history. 

Based on this same premise, the majority of these hymns have been encapsulated for the English reader in the hymn book Christ in Song.”  Meant to be a companion book to this wonderful hymnary, Christ in Hymnology explores in greater depth the background of the various hymn writers, the inspirations that turned into song, and the historical context of these wonderful hymns. 

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